How it started - the lightbulb moment

Webb Consulting was born after a high profile friend of mine had her handbag, laptop and iPhone stolen from a hospital room. Now most thieves content themselves with cash and high value items but it soon became apparent that this malicious thief hadn't wiped the phone and was using it. Not only could her personal information be used to blackmail her but over 30,000 photos and videos of her family in the past 10 years could be deleted because she only ever backed up on iCloud


It is so simple to delete your entire photo and video library from iCloud that a child could do it whilst playing on your phone. 


  1. In Photos, tap Select.

  2. Touch a photo for a couple of seconds then drag your finger over others to select all photos.

  3. Tap the trash button. (A popup asks 'Delete Photos' or Cancel.)

  4. Tap 'Delete Photos' and boom they're gone.

My friend was devastated, and it dawned on me that most people do little to secure their precious memories stored on their phones and laptops. A simple home back up system now automatically and regularly saves all the data on her families devices. 

PS - The story has a happy ending, the photos weren't deleted, and the police have a good idea of who took it from the hospital video surveillance.