Integration - apps, home entertainment

The number of gadgets we use is constantly increasing. We need phone apps to do our banking, control our home heating and alarms, our boarding passes and train tickets are on them, and it can become very confusing. 


Bluetooth connections -  Going wireless and cable free is great, but everything needs to connect somehow. I will make sure you can connect seamlessly to your music systems, printers and smart home speakers. 

Apps  - There is a vast choice of fantastic apps out there to help streamline your life. Choosing the appropriate apps for your needs then setting them up efficiently will save battery life on your phone and save you time and sanity! 

Smart Home speakers  - Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Homepod - these smart speakers are changing the way we run our lives. They entertain us, encourage us to do sport, create shopping lists, control the lighting, and so much more. When set up properly, they truly increase efficiency in the home. When linked up to Sonos, Bose or another multiroom entertainment systems it creates a connected home with stunning sound quality. 

Smart TV  - Smart TV's are replacing the need for satellite dishes and IPTV set top boxes. With a VPN service and a smart TV, we can use apps to access our favourite channels from all over the world as well as streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video etc.