Maintenance - update, cleanup, solutions

Basic maintenance is essential. Some people don't have time or worry they might get it wrong and lose data or functionality. Some generations simply struggle with not understanding what to do or how to do it. 

I'm passionate about backing up. So before I set about updating your devices, I'll ensure your data is all backed up. Here are some of the processes your devices may need: 


Updating the operating system - we often ignore the constant demands for updating apps and operating systems, but if you leave it too long, you will end up with compatibility issues and some programs may even stop working. 

Cleaning up duplicate data  - this creates more space and more space improves performance. 

Program and app removal - some programs are constantly working in the background even when you no longer use or need them. Removing old and unused programs and apps them will speed your system up and improve battery life. 

Troubleshooting errors - those little bugs that you manage to workaround or ignore. I'll dig deep and solve those problems that irritate you the most.

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