Organisation - sync, file, document

Organising your laptop, phone and email will make your relationship with tech so much happier. 


Sync your devices - do the contacts and diary on your phone, iPad and laptop all match? Can you access your files and photos from everywhere? It's annoying to want to play your favourite tunes to realise that the playlist is not on the device you're using. I will synchronise them all and make sure it stays that way. 

Filing intelligently - Stop hunting for hours for a document, photo, video or contract that is somewhere buried in a huge folder. I will digitise your documents and create a logical filing system that will be easy to maintain and be accessible from all your devices at all times. I will remove duplicate files and can create both online and printed photo albums.

Training and documentation - For you to continue your device maintenance in the future, I can create document specific to your needs and processes and train you to keep up the filing, sync'ing, upgrades and backups. This is particularly useful for those who aren't tech savvy but still rely on their devices daily for e-banking, reservations, shopping or simply to stay in contact with friends and family.