Security - backups, kids, passwords

Cyber security and family security are vital. The more connected we become, the more vulnerable we are. I will find the best way to keep your important data and precious memories safe and help your kids be safe from crime, bullying and accessing unsuitable content.


Backup everything -  it's very easy to lose data. Cloud based storage helps to a certain extent, but it's pretty easy to delete stuff from a cloud. Little (or big!) fingers can accidentally delete your entire photo library from a cloud in a matter of seconds. A regular back up to a hard drive means that no matter what happens, your files and photos are safe. 

Parental security - my most requested service. Our kids are more tech savvy than us in many ways, but less so in other ways. To avoid kids being taken advantage of, I will make sure that they can't download or subscribe to apps or games without permission. There is software that will send you a daily overview of the messages your kids are sending and receiving if you're worried about bullying. Time limitation is possible over all their devices or can be specific to certain games, apps or social media.

Password management - everything needs a password these days, and keeping track of them is frustrating. We've all been locked out of something just when we need it most, because we've confused our passwords up. I will help you find the method that functions best for you to store them safely whilst still being able to access them swiftly. 

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