Open Laptop
  • Updating and de-cluttering of laptops and desktops 

  • Problem solving errors and bugs that you work around or ignore

  • Automated backups of all data using cloud and/or hard drive storage solutions

  • Parental security to restrict and control social media, apps and purchases 

  • Training and creation of personalised documentation to help you maintain your tech and increase efficiency when using it 


Laptop Work
  • Upgrading operating systems, software and apps

  • Duplicate removal of photos and files gives you more space and improves performance

  • Inbox clearing, removal of e-mail subscriptions

  • Deletion/cleanup of unused programs and apps that slow your system down

  • Integration - bluetooth syncing, smart TV setup, home security and smart speakersewr



Blogger's Desk
  • Syncing of calendars, address books, music and photos

  • Photo scanning and filing (digital and pre-digital photos), creation of photo books

  • Digitisation of files and folders (scanning of paperwork and digital storage)

  • Personalised solutions for storage of documents and photos - clouds, home clouds, hard drives

  • Password management solutions 


Website Design
  • Creation and design of simple, clean, easy to navigate websites for personal, informative or business use, for an event or sales

  • Domain name reservation (including .mc for monaco based sites)

  • Web hosting 

  • Multi-lingual sites and text creation in English and French

  • Members only sites for privacy e.g. information for the owners of villas in a private domain