Confused by Clouds?   Drowning in Devices?   Unable to Update?


Webb Consulting offers seamless syncing, parental security, regular backups, inbox clearing, app advice, password management, file and folder organisation, troubleshooting and problem solving. 


Update, cleanup, solutions

Updating software, apps and operating systems for laptops, ipads and phones 


Cleanup of duplicate files, photos and music, deletion of unused software and apps


Troubleshooting errors


Backups, kids, passwords

Regular backups of files and photos onto storage media

Parental security for tablets and phones controlling games, social media, app purchases and message surveillance

Password management solutions


Sync, file, document

Syncing music, playlists, photos, address books and calendars

Document digitisation and filing systems, photo albums, family sharing 

Personalised training and documentation to enable you to maintain your devices


Apps, home entertainment

Home entertainment pairing, bluetooth syncing (Amazon Echo, Sonos, Bose)

Smart TV set up and VPN options to watch foreign TV 

Linking 3rd party devices such as security cameras, alarms and fire detectors to smartphones

Devices, Systems & Software

All Apple products, PC's, laptops, Smartphones and tablets (other brands)​, Amazon Kindle, Fire and Echo, Bose, Sonos, Smart TV's, iOS, Mac and Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office, Apps for phones, tablets and smart TVs, Dropbox, Google Drive, Skype, Netgear Orbi, VPN and more....