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Hourly rate​ - 60 EUR
Work from Home rate - 50 EUR

*For longer term projects, daily and weekly rates are available. 


Most customers prefer that I come to their home or office so that all their gadgets are in one place and connected to your wifi, but we can also meet at my office in Fontvieille. For troubleshooting, I'll try to fix it immediately. For longer term work like photo organisation, digitisation, storage, or creating backups, we'll discuss your needs and issues in order to find the optimal solution and create a plan. 

I can repair and maintain all things Apple and Mac as well as PC's, Windows and Microsoft office. 

Not everything is fast, upgrades can take ages to download and install, backing up photo libraries can take hours or even days! For such cases, I can take the work home with me and only charge for the time I actually spend working on your computer. If it takes 40 minutes to download a new operating system, then an hour to install it, you won't pay for the time when the computer is working away in the background. 

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