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Super fast, professional and friendly service and got the problem solved Happily Recommend this!


My Emails Sync and my Computers and Ipads are all connected.


FeeIing desperate and overwhelmed, I was taken with the ‘can-do’ attitude from Carla that everything was gonna be ok. That it wouldn’t take weeks and months to get everything sorted (like my 50k unread emails) and she would be able to sync all my devices and organize everything for me like passwords, key codes, functionality, etc... Carla made working together easy; from new needs popping up, to last minute changes, the overall approach was always positive. Thank you, Webb Consulting for streamlining my technology for my everyday life!


Very fast moving and personal service with great technical support. Thoroughly recommend Webb Consulting!


Carla offers a unique service. While traditional 'technical support' is mostly hardware-oriented, Carla literally sorts, organises, installs one's ENTIRE life on a personal computer. I use mine for my work as I own my own company and she helped me select the right cloud storage for my needs, an app to sort out a logical order and deletion process for photos and documents, deleted outdated and useless folders, helped set up Parental control for my son's digital devices reducing his on-screen time by 60% (!!!).  She sets out to understand how you work and what your needs are and then implements various systems and apps in order that the entire contents of your pc or laptop make sense. And she won't give up until she has resolved all open issues. Her approach is patient, logical and practical. I thought I was relatively tech-savvy, but have realised that I am far from it. I am a permanent client.


My 5 year old MacBook was not performing and becoming slower and slower, lots of error messages popping up too. Carla restored it to its former glory and I now have a tidy, efficient computer with hopefully some years left! 


Great reactivity! Great skills! Carla unblocked my iPad in the blink of an eye! Great advice as well regarding saving my data and dealing tech wise with my 9-year-old. Et en plus: Carla parle français et anglais! You rock Carla! 


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